What is JMIBA ?
About us

The John Molson International Business Association (JMIBA) is a student run organization under the Commerce and Administration Student Association representing all students majoring or minoring in International Business. Within the JMSB community, we are a group of highly motivated students looking to bring forth the best of International Business to our peers. Our team is formed by students studying various fields in business, from different international backgrounds, highlighting how flexible and diverse the world of international business can be.

Our Mission

We seek to inform, support and involve students into the global business world by bridging the gap between them and international business professionals. We provide new and valuable opportunities for students to pursue their personal, professional and academic goals as they complete their journey at JMSB.

Our Vision

We aspire to bring students at the forefront of globalization by complementing their international business curriculum and matching their professional aspirations to the best career opportunities. We want to shape the pioneers of global business integration.


Our Values

We are student oriented. Our events and initiatives are focused on enriching the student’s university experience.

We value integrity. Keeping our relations as honest and authentic as possible helps us understand the needs of our student community, but also the expectations of our academic staff and professional stakeholders.

We want to innovate. Our team is driven to find new and creative ideas to significantly increase the value of our actions and initiatives.

We want you to have fun! We foster a cooperative and lively atmosphere within the team, which we extend to our exterior relations to create enjoyable experiences for all our stakeholders.

The 2020-2021 Team:
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