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What is International Business?

The International Business program is one of the most unique programs at JMSB. The program provides a holistic approach to business with a focus on the international aspect of it. The multidisciplinary nature of the program grants students the opportunity to be exposed to different fields and topics in Business and Social Sciences.  By majoring in International Business, students would gain in-depth knowledge regarding topics like culture, multicultural communication, entry modes to foreign countries, international trade, foreign exchange, economics, international finance, international marketing, and political science.

Through the international business program, students would be equipped with an array of soft skills such as critical thinking and management. Classes take the form of an experiential environment where interactive activities such as debates, case competitions, company visits, strategic reporting and negotiation seminars take place during the IBUS classes to equip students with a hand – on experience in different areas of international business.

Why Choose IBUS?

The IBUS program provides students with an overview of different areas in business with the focus on the international aspect business. The student would develop knowledge in different fields such as finance, international marketing, and political science. Furthermore, the IBUS program grants students the flexibility of choosing courses from different areas of business through the balanced mix of classes that touch upon various aspects of a business.

Some of the fields where IBUS students had worked include Marketing, Communications, Public Relations, Consulting, Imports/Exports Management, Consumer Brand Management, Market Development… Every aspect of globalization!

Some of the fields where IBUS students had worked include:
  • Marketing

  • Communications

  • Public Relations

  • Consulting

  • Imports/Exports Management

  • Consumer Brand Management

  • Market Development

Graduating from IBUS helps students explore the following occupations:
  • Foreign Trade Management

  • Market Strategy

  • Banking Services for Exports and Imports

  • Regional Operations Management

  • International Relations Analyst

  • International Management Consulting

  • International Business Analyst 

  • Brand Development

  • Foreign Sales

Questions Regarding IBUS?

If you have questions regarding the IBUS program, you can reach out to our VP of Academics Nikiforos Papadopoulos. He will address all of your concerns. 

He is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the IBUS academic program and services to better the academic undergraduate experience for JMSB students. He is the person of reference in terms of knowledge about the program from the student's perspective.

Nikiforos Papadopoulos, our VP of Academics is available by appointment if needed. If you want to schedule an appointment, you can book an appointment with him using the following link.

For any other concerns or quick questions, please reach out to him via email at

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