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JMIBA is excited to present our flagship international business conference of the semester! 💙


Looking to network with professionals who work in the IBUS field? 🧐 Look no further, this conference is for you! ✨ 


Stop in to have any of your questions ranging from new trends to consistent improvements in the industry answered! Expect to be exposed to various topics presented by industry professionals. 💼


⏰11:30 AM to 5:00 PM

📍Delta Hotel by Marriot

🗓November 27th, 2022 

👔Professional dress code 


🎟Tier 1: 15$

🎟Tier 2: 20$ 

🎟Tier 3: 25$


Get your ticket by November 24th: 


We will be collecting a copy of your cv and your Linkedin profile shortly to share with the recruiters! 


This event is covered by the Casa Conference Program (CCP), which allows students to get a FULL reimbursement on one conference per semester. To learn more or apply for CCP, visit 


#MakeItGlobal 🌎

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